Livestream Sessions

I host livestreams on Twitch and embed the recordings here for you to rewatch afterwards.

In this video, Ian and I chat about all things industry related to being a Digital Matte Painter.

 You can view Ian’s Artstation account for more of his amazing art pieces. 

n the video, we reference this episode from Digital Artcast’s Playlist, Thinking Out Loud with Ian Vicknair:

If you would like to gain access to a library of high-quality asset packs and mentorship from industry professionals, subscribe to here:

To learn more about Matte Paint and Digital Matte Painting, you can join the Matte Paint Social Communities here:





Visit the Pixelsmithstudios website to learn more about what we do as a community: Pixelsmithstudios Website

In this Livestream, I interview Concept Artist and Illustrator, Raymond Minnaar about his work and his experience in the concept art and illustration industry.

We touch base on the fundamentals of mindsets when entering this field and what to be aware of while working alone but also being part of a team.


You can view Raymond’s Artstation account to see more of his artwork and some of the work he’s done.

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