Digital Portfolio

I’m Neal. I’m a Multimedia Designer,

specialising in Marketing Content Creation.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa
but collaborating worldwide

DPO Pay Mobile Launch

Stop Motion Advert

Payfast Promotional Video

Digital Event: Marketing for Artists

There is a fine balance where creativity helps find solutions

and technology makes those solutions possible.

I’m consistent in seeking methods both old and new to create compelling content, designed to captivate your audiences in meaningful ways.

My approach eschews trend-chasing, thumb-stopping-content, and viral posts.

Instead, I rely on established and proven methods
that have endured the test of time.

By ensuring that my work resonates with its intended audience,
I aim to establish a connection and generate intrigue
among those who may not yet know your brand.

Neal Strydom

Multimedia Designer specialising in digital marketing content. Always finding new ways to bridge the links between technology and creativity.