In this podcast I dive into my thoughts on why it is okay to suck at your first art attempt and why it is important that you do.

I then dive into why it is important to keep on practising to get better and why getting better will help you develop more confidence to try new things, knowing your first attempt will not be good, but you will try anyway and get better at that too.


In the video, I reference a Youtube video by jake Parker, titled, Finished, Not Perfect. You can watch that video here: Finished Not Perfect By Jake Parker

In this episode, I talk about the importance of having peers that really build you up on a professional and creative level and the benefits of having peers that motivate and inspire you by providing honest criticism on your work as well a s helping you resolve the points receiving the critique.

I also touch on the importance of taking control over the kinds of energy you allow to affect you and your creativity in order to take care of your personal, professional and creative growth.

In this episode, I discuss the misconception that you need to invest money early on when you start in the creative industry and I explain why I think that is is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on high-end equipment when you’re just starting out and learning.

In this episode, I chat to André Barkley from Primal Nerdz, a well-known cosplay photographer and videographer. We talk about all the different aspects of his journey so far from starting out with a career in theatre to working a DSLR.

We also dive into conversations around personal preferences and our tastes in subbed or dubbed anime and pineapple on pizza.

You can find Primal Nerdz online here:

Primal Nerdz Facebook
Primal Nerdz Instagram

In the episode, we mention a few cosplayers and you can find everyone we mention down below:

Septik Cosplay Facebook
Septik Cosplay Instagram

Baka Sakura Cosplay Facebook
Baka Sakura Cosplay Instagram

Ludus Cosplay Facebook
Ludus Cosplay Instagram

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