Hey guys, Neal here.

I’m a visual storyteller in digital media and tech.

I specialise in design and animation, do a fair amount of videography, editing and illustration as well. Most of my work ends up on social media, but I’m not an influencer. It’s quite sad actually.

But I do know a thing or two about images and animations that boost your brand or sell your stuff. Or to use the industry buzzwords, ‘raise awareness’ and ‘drive sales’.

I’ve been in digital marketing for as long as I’ve been working at a desk. And no, I’m not counting my days as a student. It’s been a remarkable journey of professional and personal growth. Having worked with different and interesting people, I’ve learnt that getting the right message to the right people is about collaboration.

I’ve worked with talented professionals in Digital Marketing, Paid Media Advertising, Social Media Content, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design (I have to put this one here for SEO), Digital Design, Motion Design and so many others. So much effort goes into creating impactful work that means something to people. Armed with reasonably solid design skills, I’m here to help create as much of it as I can.

Since you’re still here, I look forward to working with you soon. Or getting together for a drink and a chat about the things we love.


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