About Me

Visual Storyteller in Digital Media.

I’m Neal. Then again, you probably already guessed as much since my name is all over the place here. At this point, you may have concluded I’m an influencer. I’m not. It’s quite sad really.


I’ve been in the digital marketing industry since I can remember. Actually since 2011/2012… either or, I’m not too sure. My primary skill-set is built off animation, or rather, motion design and then secondary, Graphic Design.

It’s been one interesting journey…I’ve found that a strong approach to any good marketing strategy is to make a deep connection with your intended audience.

You have to speak to the online groups you want to reach, in a way that is relevant to them, keeping it simple throughout the process. Just like design. Design is simple, but that’s why it’s so complex. To quote some old guy called Albert: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”

I really believe that the biggest goal for any design or animation is to convey the message clearly. It should be an effective message, in the shortest amount of time available.

I also believe that you can do the best work possible, with a valuable return in marketing data. That’s without the need to empty a bank account to pay for the results, of course.


I’m not a Youtuber, I’ve never aspired to be one and I doubt I’ll ever aim to achieve such a goal. If that is your goal, then go for it, run at it at full speed, jump as high as you can to reach that plateau in order to see your next goals.

That being said, I am often seen making videos for multiple clients in several industries. One of my favourites is the Esports industry.

I also do illustration, photography and video editing. Once I start listing everything, this About Page will start looking like a LinkedIn profile – and I’m really not a big fan of Social Media platforms.


You see, I’m a Digital Content Producer, specialising in creating content for digital marketing and Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube with a strong focus on advertising and brand awareness. I’m quite saturated with the content on Social Media on a daily basis. When I end my day, the last thing on my mind is the post by aunt Susan about how she was slighted by a waitron of 2c in change; or how a boomer raged about how his new employee didn’t rock up for work and doesn’t appreciate being given a chance in life.


A lot of my work is tailored to serve what the digital marketers like to refer to as sales funnels. Personally, I feel the funnels should be turned sideways. They should be transformed into megaphones for platform users and audience members to spread the word about what companies and businesses do.

This is why brand loyalty and cultivating meaningful connections is so important. Eventually, advertising will change. It always does, just like digital marketing and trends. However, having a stable, solid network and community will always ensure that you are able to come out on top.


On another personal note, I’m a huge fan of small businesses, entrepreneurs and people who push themselves to be better and do more for both themselves and their communities.

If you would like to know more about me and what I do or would like to meet up and have a cup of coffee, reach out and let’s chat.

Brands I’ve worked on

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